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ANV Laser provides end-to-end rapid prototyping, small-run and serial production services for advanced, high-precision micro-components.

ANV Laser works hand in hand with its customers to ensure that the end-product meets design and functional specifications.

ANV Laser’s experienced multi-disciplinary team brings a wealth of materials and process know-how and expertise to every project large or small and are fully committed to its success.

Precision Laser Cutting

precision laser cuttingANV Laser provides world-class precision laser cutting services to customers across a wide range of sophisticated industries from medical to aeronautics.

No matter how small or complex the micro-component, ANV Laser’s team knows exactly how to adapt and implement the precision laser cutting process for optimal results.

We have extensive experience in working with specialized metal raw materials such as Nitinol (NiTi), cobalt-chrome, titanium, stainless steel, etc. Because we understand the impact that design and process can have on the properties of the end-product, we can provide the expert guidance that ensures successful outcomes.


Laser Drilling Services

precision laser drillingANV Laser has developed proprietary micro drilling techniques to optimize the laser drilling of nozzles, orifices and other micro-holes. We achieve very high accuracies in hole diameter and taper for a wide variety of applications.

We implement a variety of laser drilling techniques including high speed percussion drilling and can drill holes normal (perpendicular) to the surface or at very acute angles to the surface.


Catheter Design

catheter designHigh-performance catheters and delivery systems are essential to the growing range of minimally invasive medical procedures.

Life-saving techniques that have long been associated with interventional cardiology are now becoming common in other fields such as neurology, radiology and gynecology.

ANV Laser works with its customers to design and produce state-of-the-art micro- and nano-catheters from Nitinol tubing. ANV Laser is the only precision laser vendor that can produce catheters of unlimited length, without sacrificing pushability or torqueability.

We also know how to integrate sensors and other electronic or mechanical components into catheters and delivery systems a one-stop-shop for all your catheter or delivery system needs.

Laser Welding

laser weldingIt is not unusual for a micro-component to be comprised of several laser-cut elements that are then welded into a single end-product.

With its small amount of molten material and short, controllable melting period, laser is the best way to join materials that otherwise could not be welded together due to their high heat conductivity.

Even when seam welding with continuous laser beams, the heat affected zones (HAZ) are considerably less than with other forms of welding such as arc or plasma. ANV Laser’s precision laser welding team has the equipment and expertise to meet the needs of even the most complex components.

Shape Memory & Nitinol Heat Treatment

Nitinol shape memoryMany 3D components require a series of shape-setting heat treatments after the super-elastic Nitinol (NiTi) tubing raw material has undergone precision laser cutting.

Some classic examples are heart valves, stents, and vena cava filters. For each such component ANV Laser’s team designs and manufactures a customized set of shape-setting mandrels or jigs that are used to achieve the final dimensions in a step-wise process.

The team takes tremendous care and uses all its expertise to plan and execute the cycle of shape-setting heating and cooling treatments.

Whether undergoing shape-setting and/or annealing treatments, at ANV Laser your micro-components will retain the unique Nitinol elasticity and shape memory properties that can be compromised if the production process is not carried out properly.

Chemical & Electro-chemical Treatment

electro chemical treatmentMany of ANV Laser’s customers from the medical industry require specialized surface treatments for their micro-components in order to enhance the smoothness of exterior surfaces, durability and bio-compatibility.

ANV Laser prides itself on its ability to provide chemical and electro-chemical treatments that are tailor-made to the very specific needs of each end-product.

We have developed in-house equipment and processes that are unique to ANV Laser, for the benefit of all our customers.


Rapid Response Prototyping

rapid rerspnse prototypingThe R&D process for medical components is highly iterative, with many design options to be tested before finalizing product specifications. ANV Laser is the ideal partner for medical device companies, turning preliminary designs into prototypes in as little as three days.

The ANV Laser team works closely with the customer, sharing their intimate understanding of material properties and production processes.

This close cooperation often significantly shortens learning curves and translates into a faster time-to-market.


Quality Inspection

quality inspectionThe sophisticated micro-components that ANV Laser produces for its medical and high-tech customers are subject to strict quality requirements.

ANV Laser’s Quality department is equipped to carry out all the necessary tests as determined by the customer from geometric dimensions to electro-polish parameters to Austenite Final temperature (Af).

We are especially proud of the Non-Contact Af Tester (NCAT) that we developed ourselves, which can test the Af temperature for several devices, of different shapes, at the same time.

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    We wish to extend our appreciation for your services which we have been using for the last 3 years. Those services included Laser cutting of both Nitinol tubes and flat sheets, heat treatments and electro-polish.

    Gil Naor
    Mitrassist Medical

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