rapid response prototyping

Rapid Response Prototyping

ANV Laser Industries Fast Prototyping is the solution for R&D medical device companies that need preliminary designs converted into prototypes.

Working from sketches or engineering drawings and in close communication with the customer, we provide quality prototypes in as little as three days.


ANV Laser Industries is the go-to company for iterative, agile prototyping of complex medical devices. Contact us to find out how we can accelerate the development cycle times of your products – with uncompromising attention to detail and quality.
Prototype design


Whether working from hand-drawn sketches or 3D engineering drawings, we produce quality prototypes in as little as three days.


We share with our customers our expertise in all aspects of medical device development: material selection, material properties, mechanical design, FEA analysis and precision laser manufacturing.


We work closely with our customers to ensure that their products – from the prototype stage – are optimized for performance, reliability and cost.

pre clinical bench testingANV Laser provides sophisticated benchtop testing services to help you refine your prototypes and to ensure that each generation meets its quality requirements:

  • BFR test of NiTi according to ASTM 2082.
  • Potential Corrosion Test according to ASTM F2129.
  • Tension testing of NiTi according to ASTM F2516.
  • Tensile Dog bones and compression testing.
  • Grain size and material composition.
  • Assistance in mechanical design and FEA
  • Pre Clinical Bench Testing

ANV Laser Industry support customer’s unique expertise in material selection, material properties, mechanical design, FEA analysis and manufacturing, enabling you to optimize your product design in performance, reliability and cost for optimized manufacturability.

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We wish to extend our appreciation for your services which we have been using for the last 3 years. Those services included Laser cutting of both Nitinol tubes and flat sheets, heat treatments and electro-polish.

Gil Naor
Mitrassist Medical
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